LinesearchbeforeUdig (LSBUD) is a free to use online search service that any individual (“User”) can use to check their works against over 50 asset owners’ (“Members”) utility assets. These assets include hundreds of thousands of kilometres of underground and overhead pipes and cables in the electricity, gas, high pressure fuel, water and fibre optic networks. The service processes over 1.6 million enquiries per annum- that’s more than one every 20 seconds.


The service can be broken down into three easy steps-

  • You provide a few details of your works and submit a free online enquiry
  • You receive an instant response showing which of our registered asset owners (‘Members’) have assets near your site
  • Our registered asset owners send you the plans of their assets relevant for your area, in accordance with their processes.

LSBUD Members respond in a variety of different ways; some will respond automatically while others may request further information.

Please note that not all asset owners are LSBUD Members and whilst the LSBUD service will help you identify them by supplying contact details etc it is your responsibility to identify and contact all asset owners within your search area.


The service is designed to be used by anyone that needs to know where utility assets (pipes and cables) are in order to work safely. This includes:

  • Contractors
  • Excavators
  • Fencing installers
  • Groundworkers
  • Private Individuals
  • Farmers
  • Conveyancers

…and many more. Enquiries can be for simply checking what is there for future requirements or for immediate use, i.e. for an urgent excavation. Works can be of any scale from a highway scheme to simply replacing a garden fence.


  • a) Avoiding the harm to you and your teams caused by striking utility assets
  • b) Avoiding the disruption to the general public and asset owners from disrupting supplies.
  • a) Free to use
    b) Efficiency of only needing to enter your site details once and getting responses
    c) Instant responses given saving you time
    d) Avoiding costly damages.
  • a) Helping ensure all can work more efficiently
    b) Saving disruption and delays to works and asset networks.
  • a) Compliance with necessary requirements to ensure safe working.


To view a list of our members please click on the button below



"LSBUD is a key factor in our ability to provide safe digs to our Direct Labour and Suppliers gangs. It provides a clear process and clear maps that all parties can read and understand. The use of LSBUD is helping us shape the future of our Hot Job Process and is key to us creating an industry leading process that guarantees the safety of our gangs but also that of the general public."

Ben Pearce
South Regional Service Centre Manager
Carillion Telent

"At Morrison Utility Services we use LSBUD across our utility client base as it provides a fast, accurate and efficient method for identifying assets that we need to be aware of before undertaking any excavation. We are proud of our industry-leading and award-winning safety performance and we continually work to maintain the highest standards - LSBUD helps us achieve this."

Andy Carter
Head of Business Process Improvement
Morrison Utility Services

“The safety of our employees, subcontractors and the public is our top priority. We use linesearchbeforeUdig during our pre-construction activities to make sure we’ve mitigated every potential risk before we start work. This means our design and engineering teams are fully informed and are able to develop efficient and safe design solutions.”

Steve Crossland
Senior Authorising Engineer
Balfour Beatty

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